Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Gift Certificate)


Photoshop Lightroom is the primary tool of the the “natural photographer” who dislikes that “edited look”. This class is an in-depth look at this great Photoshop program’s utility. From organizing how your photographs are stored on your computer, all the way to fine art editing, this course covers in-depth the vast majority of all of Lightroom’s functions, with a key emphasis on the chronological approach.

What does that mean?

We don’t teach you how to use Lightroom by explaining all of its features, while you sit back and take notes. In this class, you bring your own laptop and we’ll give you instructions that you’ll immediately put into practice on the photos we’ll supply you with. This class is taught in the order you would naturally edit your photos in – right at the beginning from plugging your camera into the computer to get your images in the first place, to where you store them and organize them, all the way through brightness and color editing, sharpness and color manipulations, into fine art editing and filters, and finally ending with how to export your finished work into the correct format for either printing or sharing on social media.



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