Using Your DSLR Camera (Gift Certificate)


Our courses are built off of the foundational core, which is learning to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera.  This course, called “Using Your DSLR Camera”, provides students with a step-by-step tour through their camera, applying new principles in classes, and learning on their specific camera (not just a theoretical camera). Common problems like cameras underexposing shots when you shoot towards a window or the sun are covered, broken down and explained, and students are given opportunities to counter and eliminate these problems, so that they are producing better photographs from their first day in class.

The key to unlocking the power of photography lies in shooting in manual mode on your camera.  Our “Using Your DSLR Camera” course takes this seriously and spends 80% of its course duration with students exclusively in manual mode on their camera.  By having students spend most of their time in our photography courses in manual mode, students gain experience in-class with these key skills to becoming a better photographer.

After completing ‘Using Your DSLR Camera’, the whole exciting world of digital photography opens up to students as they can take the remaining core concepts of photography—lighting, design, posing, and editing—which students can take either in our recommended order, or as needed.  The CPLC offers in-depth, hands-on, and exhaustive learning in these core concepts.