Mini Workshops

Mini workshops are an exciting addition to our spring/summer course calendar. Although they’re small in length, they’re jam packed with information. If you’re tired of sitting in a classroom and crave the opportunity to start building your portfolio and put all you’ve learned into practice, you’ll love our mini workshops!

 Posing Workshop – Family Edition

Susan Temme of Picture That Photography is hosting this event. She’ll bring out models and show you how to pose couples and individuals for beautiful portraits. You’ll also learn about posing families, smaller groups and children.


Night Photography Workshop

If you’d like to take some first time frustration out of Night Photography, join us for this fun, inspiring, workshop, hosted by Andrew Gilbert of Photographik! We’ll cover common challenges you’ll face photographing at night and once the sun goes down, you’ll learn how to make magic happen! Andrew will choose the best exercises for the outdoor conditions, some of which may be: Sparklers, Silhouette captures, Light Painting, Light trails, and more.


We’re also running Photo Walks all summer long, which are also a great opportunity for you to practice the skills you learned in class. If you have any ideas for future mini workshops, email us at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Check back often as we may be adding some more of these 🙂