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Texture and Patterns in Photography

Adding Design Elements to your Portrait Photography

Texture is a key player in creating beautifully designed photos, and will give your photography that artistic edge you’re looking for. If you’re feeling uninspired or struggling to capture drama in your photography, start seeking out some textural elements. This is one of the design elements we cover in our class The Art & Design of Photography.

A common challenge for an emerging photographer is learning how to see the world through an artistic lens. If you find yourself looking at award winning photos on Instagram and wonder where these amazing photographers find their inspiration, you’re not alone! One thing these noteworthy photos have in common is they contain artistic design elements that bring the photo to life and tell the story.

To take your photography to the next level, start by looking around for patterns, textures or a point of interest and use that as the foundation for your photo.

edmonton-photography-composition-class-add-texture-to-photographyIn this shoot, the couple wanted some interesting street photos to highlight the local flavour of their tropical destination wedding. This wall was perfect because it is an interesting background for the photo and the perfect contrast color for this couple.

Here is another example of how a combination of pattern and color, can really bring a photo life- for this photo to work, the bride and the groom needed to be placed within the pattern (between the windows):


Sometimes, especially in the case of candid street photography, you can grab the perfect shot of your subjects but wind up with someone bombing your photo in a loud plaid shirt- LOL. When this happens, you can either learn how to remove people, we cover this in our Adobe Photoshop CC class, or you can try turning your photo to black and white- In this case, the result is amazing- I love this photo, the fence is a great design element and I think the cyclist definitely adds to feel of it.


Now, granted not all of us have the advantage of a beautiful destination like Cuba to shoot our photos, but it’s really all about learning to see the beauty in the seemingly ordinary. This next photo may look like an adorable two year old playing in a picturesque park, with lush grass and wildflowers blooming but that couldn’t be further from the reality! This photo is actually captured in an untended field, surrounded by warehouses, bordering a really busy street in Edmonton. WHAT? It’s true. The photographer, Susan Temme, wanted to take some photos of her daughter but had little time to do it, so she drove to the nearest field and made it work! With overgrown grass and weeds as her inspiration (and the textural component of this photo) she got a beautiful shot of her daughter and cropped the photo to make it look like a girl in a Spring garden- no one needs to know otherwise 😉


If you’re struggling with the “nothing to shoot” blues or perhaps you need help uncovering your artistic side, our Art & Design of Photography class is the place for you!