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Mixing White Balances

In this post we’ll discuss the problems of mixing white balances in one shot.

To learn about these principles and put them into practice, take Using Your DSLR Camera at the CPLC.

White Balance

In a perfect world, all light sources would only shine ‘pure white light’, without any colour cast or hue added. If this were true, than we would never need to white balance or colour correct any images or videos we took.

In the real world, we are faced with the reality that every single light source that can light our scene–be it natural sunlight, indoor light bulbs, or flashes or strobes, shine their white light with a certain colour hue or cast to it. In some cases, such as ‘yellow light bulbs’, the cast is so saturated that the light even appears to us to be yellow, and not just white with a yellow hue. In other cases, like fluorescents or flash bulbs, the light appears white (but isn’t) in ideal situations, but in reality has a blue cast to it.

When two light sources with different colour casts illuminate one scene, photographers are inevitably faced with the reality that the two different colour casts will not match, and the resulting photo will have, usually, an ugly colour cast in one part of its picture. (Sometimes, we get lucky and the two colours complement each other).

In the below images, you see in a dimly hit house how the halogen (yellow) bulbs were turned on. In truth, the house was too dark without them turned on for people to walk through. However, it was also too dark for photography, so the photographer had to supplement the ambient lighting with flash light in order to produce a bright enough image. The resulting image reveals what happens to the ‘yellow’ halogen lighting when the image is colour corrected to the dominant–blue–flash lighting.

Mixing white balances - colour problems - white balance problems - Calgary photography classes

Mixing white balances - colour problems - white balance problems - Calgary photography classes

In the top picture, the women are backlit by the halogen lighting, making the back room look like a sickly yellow light, and also backlighting their hair with that same glow. Their faces and the wall next to them, though, are lit by the more natural flash light. The bottom picture has one of the girls lit by the flash light, and the two girls in the background lit by the yellow halogen lighting. Here the two colours are separated on the subjects themselves, but the overall image still has this jarring distinction in two different light sources.

As such, for some of the shots the photographer asked for the yellow light bulbs to be turned off. While this was too dark for the girls to finish getting ready, it allowed the photographer brief moments of control over the quality of the photography. Simply by turning off a conflicting colour source, the images look better–even if in practical terms the photographer can’t ask the subjects to work in these dark circumstances for too long. While the images are bright, in person, the house is quite dark with the yellow lights off.

Mixing white balances - colour problems - white balance problems - Calgary photography classes

Mixing white balances - colour problems - white balance problems - Calgary photography classes

Clearly, the color/lighting in the second set of shots are more pleasing to the eye. Even in situations where you can’t command complete control of the lighting at all times, it’s still nice to take control for brief moments to give yourself the opportunity to elevate the photography to the next level.


To learn about these principles and put them into practice, take Using Your DSLR Camera at the CPLC.

Picture That Photography Family Workshop Announced for June 2014

Susan and Krister of Picture That Photography, are industry leaders in family photography. Experts in both lighting and posing, they have not only many years of photography under their belt, but have also been teaching and developing photography curriculum for over 5 years.
                    family photography class family photography class
This summer, join Picture That Photography to increase your skills in posing and lighting families of various sizes. Learn to photograph children of various ages, and deal with common challenges in family photography.

In this one day intensive workshop, you will learn marketing tricks and tips to attract the clients you want, and seal the deal when they approach you. They will candidly share their sales techniques, and show you how to choose and promote products that go hand-in-hand with style.
                    Arneson Family 2013-034 family photographer workshop
In addition to great photos for your portfolio, you will learn their workflow from importing and backing up to editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. You will learn the basics of editing for colour, sharpness, cropping as well as more advanced techniques such as thinning, removing objects from backgrounds and cleaning up skin.

Taking this workshop will increase the calibre of your family photography and give you a great portfolio to start marketing family sessions for the summer. Want to kick start family photography for your business? With great portfolio shots out of this workshop, better posing and lighting to bring your photos to the next level, and a business model to ensure income, this workshop is a must!

                    family photography workshop family photography edmonton

What some of our past students have said about them: “Susan was amazing” – Ashley “Krister’s Instruction was perfection” – Laurie “Susan wants you to succeed!” – Wynne Vokins, “This pushed me to be more creative. I feel that my photos have transformed from documentation to artistic expression as a result” – Tyler McKay, “Great technical instruction” Dina Honke, “Very good at simplifying complex issues” – Joyce Eckstrand, “Willing to answer any questions” – Carolyn Wilson, Susan is extremely intelligent on the subject matter…pace was fantastic… cannot believe how much I’ve learned… I cannot believe how much I’ve changed. Krister is so knowledgeable I have no idea how he retains so much information. He is very thorough as well” – Amanda Sorge.

                                                  susan temme, picture that photography krister temme, picture that photography

Length & Format 8 instructional hours
1 Day 10am to 7pm with 1 hour for lunch
Fee $700 SALE! $599 + GST Ends April 30th
Maximum Number of Students 10
Prerequisites Students must be knowledgeable in using their camera in manual mode. It would be helpful to have a basic knowledge of Lightroom.
Bring With You
  • Camera, Bat­teries, and memory card, as well as flash if available
  • Note taking supplies
  • optional: laptop computer with Lightroom installed
King’s University College (More Info)
11010 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5K 0K9
Scheduled Date
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Due to limited spacing reservations and registrations for this workshop are non-refundable.