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Photographing “Perfect” Cherry Blossoms

Achieving Epic Cherry Blossom Photos

My neighbour has a cherry blossom tree, so I always watch their’s to try and get an indication of when these beautiful trees will be in full bloom. In Edmonton right  now, they’re starting to come out already and it makes for a spectacular display of pink and purple.  The window to capture these in your photos is tight… only around two weeks! Here is an example of a pretty basic shot of a cherry blossom tree that you could accomplish with most cameras, using the auto function.


As you can see with the next picture, we have really given these cherry blossoms a new look! Once you understand your camera’s manual mode, you can completely transform the way something looks with just a few clicks. What makes this next photo look so much more interesting than the first (besides the beautiful model!) is we used a shallow depth of field. To achieve this, you’ll need to practice by positioning yourself so that you’re shooting through the cherry blossoms in the foreground, and then adjust the aperture on your camera to a lower f/stop (ex. less than f/4.0)

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To achieve the effect of this next photo, understanding lighting is key. We cover this (and much more!) in our Portrait Lighting workshop. When you’re photographing outdoors, it is important to understand the magic hour. This is when the sun is at it’s lowest point in the horizon so, you’ll want to plan your shoot near sunrise or sunset. If you get the timing right, you’ll be treated to gorgeous soft lighting.

IMPORTANT TIP:  You might not appreciate how fast the sun actually moves until you’re trying to get your shot so, be ready! You have a narrow window and you don’t want to spend it fiddling with lenses and memory cards 😉 Also, you may need to slow your shutter speed down as it is getting darker, so perhaps plan to bring along your tripod to reduce camera shake.  Most of all, Have fun!

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Do you live in Edmonton or Calgary? We are now offering photo walks in these two cities! So, grab your camera, some comfortable shoes and join us!