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Back to School Photography Tips

A mom’s guide to school photos

Tomorrow is a big day in our household…. the first day back to school!  My kids are going into Kindergarten and Grade two this year- eek! As I was helping them choose their outfit for the “big day” tomorrow, I decided it was good timing to collaborate with Susan Temme on a post for taking great “First day of School” photos!

Photography Tips:

Lighting is the key to making your photo look pro. When you’re taking your photo tomorrow, choose a time of day where the space you’ve picked is either completely lit by the sun, or shaded. Your best choice is shade. If this means you take your photo after school, no one will know 😉

Utilizing levels is a great way to make your photo more interesting. A common place to take the “first day of school” photo is on the front stairs of your house. If you decide to go this route, grab a chair, step ladder or whatever you need to put yourself slightly higher than your children. By doing this simple trick, you’ll be shooting at a downward angle which will make their faces the focal point of the photograph and their eyes will also appear bigger as they’ll be closer to the lens.


Add some creativity to your photos!

Chalkboards are really popular in “back to school” photography. You can use these to record fun facts about your children. What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you most excited about? Who is your best friend?

You can also have your child write something on the chalkboard. I love this photo because it feels really authentic having the little girl design her own chalkboard- awesome keepsake!



Our final tip, be mindful of your background choice. If you decide to shoot in front of your house and you have a burgundy door, don’t dress your child in red. Consider utilizing neutral backgrounds in your photos as well- brick wall, fences, trees, etc!


Most of all, have fun with it! If you’re having fun, your kids will be having fun and they’ll reward you with their beautiful, natural smile!

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