Posing Workshop

Last week we ran a mini “Posing Workshop” for the first time in Edmonton and it went fantastic! I’ll admit, the hours leading up to this event were a bit of a nail biter… even as Susan drove to meet up with the students at Whitemud Park, we wondered if we should bail and began discussing some indoor locations because the sky was a scary shade of green, and as she merged on to the Whitemud, the rain started pouring! NOOO! Alberta weather is so unpredictable and as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer for Picture That Photography, Susan is pretty used to coming up with alternative locations on the fly, but with students and models a half hour away, there was definitely some added pressure to pull this thing together.

After getting pelted with rain in the parking lot for awhile, at 6:30 when the workshop was to begin, suddenly the sky started clearing up and the rain stopped! Amazingly enough, the weather held just long enough for the workshop and then as she and the students loaded their gear to leave, the rain began again – talk about lucky!

We had beautiful models for this event who came dressed to the nines and willing to try anything! And by anything, I mean this brave model laid down in the mud at the end of the night and the result was stunning! Here is a photo submitted by a student in the workshop, Rodney King:


A common question we get asked from students is, What should I bring on a photoshoot? Here is a quick list of items you shouldn’t leave home without:

  • A step ladder for taking photos from a higher angle,
  • Blankets for covering the ground,
  • Paper Towel for wiping off places to sit, and
  • Bug Spray! The mosquitos in the wooded areas of Alberta can be super irritating so douse yourself and bring extra for your subjects! It’s pretty hard to get relaxed, candid moments like this, when your clients are getting eaten alive by mosquitos!


We covered a lot in a couple of hours at this workshop, if you missed it – don’t despair! We have a family edition of this workshop coming in August! We already have some great models lined up for this workshop as well and it will be focused on posing families and children –  Register today!


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