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Background Fade in Adobe Photoshop- Video Tutorial

Background Fade in Adobe Photoshop CC- Step by step

Well, like most things related to social media and online, we’re late to the party! Today, we took a big step into 2005 and created our very own YouTube Channel! I was <finally> able to convince our Edmonton Adobe Photoshop CC instructor, Susan Temme, to record herself editing and the result is fantastic 🙂 Here is the first in a collection of Adobe Photoshop Tutorials! Be sure to comment and give this one a lot of love so she’ll keep doing them-  LOL

We started with a fairly simple Background/Backdrop Fade. Often when you’re photographing in a studio, you will notice that you wind up with an abrupt transition between the floor and the background:


If you want to smooth this line out you can:

  • Select a color from the background of your photo, in this case you want to choose something light and close to the hair
  • Add a new layer (+SHIFT+N)
  • Using your fill tool (paint bucket), drop your new color
  • Add a layer mask
  • Select the Gradient Tool (g)
  • Hold down your shift key on the rug and drag up to just below the transition line.


Almost There!

  • Create a new Copy of your background (+J)
  • Merge your layer 1 with the background copy
  • Add a Layer Mask
  • Paint off the color from your subject with your brush (b) tool.

That’s it!


Here is the video tutorial for you! If you have any questions or run into any problems, either comment here or email us at [email protected] and we’re happy to help you out!

Happy Editing!